Bomi Ahn is a visual artist based in Seoul, South Korea.

Ahn depicts virtual worlds where all kinds of species being synthesized and composed together. Ahn draws an inspiration normally she got from Sci-Fi films, novels, technology-influenced living conditions, and meeting people who have a different background. And those are visualized into her painting, drawing, and animation. Ahn feels there is a realistic side in Sci-Fi films and our imagination as it reflects our sub-consciousness and desire in a surrealistic way.

Bomi Ahn started her art career in 2010 by participating in the Artist-in-Residence program of Asifakeil (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation) in Q21’s Electric Avenue in the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, Austria, one of the largest arts and culture complexes. Since then, she had participated in “Today’s Salon 2015” held at Common Center, “All In” at Deutsche Villa Galerie in Austria in 2016, and “This Side of Paradise” at Anyang Museum in Korea in 2018. 2019 Ahn has a first solo show at her hometown in Seoul ‘Biophilia’.

She uses diverse media of art, such as animation, painting, installation art, and mural, to express her social interests stemmed from her experiences and observation of metropolis, future, high-technology, refugees and living as a woman in a patriarchal society.





Visual arts, The University of Art and Design Linz, Linz, Austria (Diplom)

Painting, Camberwell College of Art in London, UAL, London, Britain (OeAD funding Erasmus+ program)

Painting, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, South Korea (B.A.)


Solo Exhibition

2021      · (upcoming) no title yet, no place yet, Seoul, Korea (Seoul art foundation, Art funding project)

2021     · (upcoming) Jeondeungsa Buddhist temple, Incheon, Korea

2019     · ‘Biophilia’, Skyplaza Gallery, City Hall Seoul, Seoul, Korea

2016     · ‘Vuja De’, Kunstverein Paradigma, Linz, Austria

2016     · ’Future Ecology’, KHG, Linz, Austria

2015     · ‘Neuromancer’, Neuer Ordner, Linz, Austria

2010     · ‘I GO DDEEEEPP’, Q21, MuseumsQuartier Wien, Vienna, Austria


Group Exhibition

2020     · ‘Art and Energy’, Jeonbuk Museum of art, Wanju, Korea

2019     · ‘Coming in the past, meeting in the present’, Youngju Mansion, Busan, Korea

2018     · ‘We play, we stage, and we’re enacting’, FoCA, Jeonju, Korea

2018     · ‘Right today’, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea

2018     · ‘This side of Paradise’, Anyang Museum, Anyang, Korea

2018     · ‘I dreamt I was a butterfly : Dream of organism’, FoCA, Jeonju, Korea

2017     · ‘From the Center’, Iksan Art Center, Iksan, Korea

2016     · ‘Get well soon’, Kapu, Linz, Austria

2016     · ’Voyage’, Seenfifteen, London, U.K.

2016     · ’All In’, DeutschVilla, Strobl, Austria

2015     · ’Today’s Salon 2015‘, Common Center, Seoul, South Korea

2012     · ‘Quadrivium’, JUNG DABANG project, Mullae, Seoul, Korea

2012     · ‘Performance BAM’, JUNG DABANG project, Mullae, Seoul, Korea

2011     · ‘Expandimentalll’, Tabak Fabrik, Linz, Austria



2019     · ‘ASIFAKEIL 101’, Q21, MuseumsQuartier Wien, Vienna, Austria

2014     · ‘LEINWANDPROBE’, Movie Mento, Linz, Austria

2013     · ‘Grim Store’, Art Space Gori in Sindorim Station,.(curated by Sseo) Seoul, Korea

2013     · ‘Super sketch’, Art Space Gori in Sindorim Station, Seoul, Korea

2012     · ‘1st video relay taansan’, GGUULL POOL, 2012 (curated by Kang Jung-suk) Seoul, Korea

2012     · Project display Nomad, Dom/Römer station, Frankfurt, Germany

2011     · ‘Hubert Sielecki Preis 2011’, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria

2010     · ‘Trickfilmabend’, Roten Krebs(Organized by Renate Kordon), Linz, Austria


Prize & project grants

2021     · Seoul art foundation, Art funding, Seoul, Korea

2017     · Young Artist of the Year Award, 2017 Gamma young artist, Seoul, Korea

2011     · Hubert Sielecki Preis 2011, Auszeichnungen, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria


Artist in residence & Studio Grants

2018     · Factory of Contemporary Arts, Jeonju, Korea

2017     · Iksan creation center, Iksan, Korea.

2010     · Q21, MuseumsQuartier Wien, Vienna, Austria





조형예술, 린츠예술대학, 린츠, 오스트리아 (Diplom)

회화, 캠버웰 컬리지 오브 아트, UAL, 런던, 영국 (OeAD 지원 Erasmus+ 프로그램)

회화, 순수예술, 홍익대학교, 서울, 한국 (B.A.)



2021      · 미정, 미정, 서울, 한국 (서울문화재단 예술지원 사업)

2021      · 미정, 전등사, 인천, 한국

2019      · ‘바이오필리아 Biophilia’, 서울시청 하늘광장 갤러리, 서울, 한국

2016     · ‘부자데 Vuja de’, 쿤스트페라인 파라디그마 , 린츠, 오스트리아

2016     · ’미래 생태계 Future Ecology’, KHG, 린츠, 오스트리아

2015     · ‘뉴로맨서 Neuromancer’, 뉴오드너NeuerOrdner, 린츠, 오스트리아

2010     · ‘I GO DDEEEEPP’, Asifakeil, Museumsquartier21, 비엔나, 오스트리아



2020      · ’예술과 에너지’, 전북도립미술관, 완주, 한국

2019      · ‘멀리서와서 현재에 만나는’, 영주맨션, 부산, 한국

2018      · ‘이미지의 구축, 팔복예술공장, 전주, 한국

2018      ·‘바로 오늘 Right today’, 인천문화재단 칠통마당, 인천, 한국

2018      ·‘낙원의 이편 This side of Paradise’, 안양박물관, 안양, 한국

2018      ·‘호접몽(蝴蝶夢):유기체의 꿈, 팔복예술공장, 전주, 한국

2017      · ‘중앙에서 From the center’, Ik San art center, 익산, 한국

2016     · ‘Get Well Soon’, Kapu, 린츠, 오스트리아

2016     · ’Voyage’, Seenfifteen, 런던, 영국

2016     · ’All In’, DeutschVilla, 스트로블, 오스트리아

2015     · ‘오늘의 살롱 2015’’Today’s Salon 2015‘, 커먼 센터, 서울, 한국

2013     · ‘그림상점’, 아트스페이스 고리, 신도림역 (기획_써써) 서울, 한국

2012     · ‘쿼트리비움 Quadrivium’, 아트스페이스 정다방, 문래동, 서울, 한국

2011     · ‘Expandimentalll’, Tabak Fabrik, 린츠, 오스트리아



2019      · ‘ASIFAKEIL 101’, Q21, 뮤지움스쿼티에 빈, 비엔나, 오스트리아

2014     · ‘LEINWANDPROBE’, 무비멘토 Movie Mento, 린츠, 오스트리아

2013     · ‘슈퍼스케치’, 아트스페이스 고리, 신도림역, 서울, 한국

2012     · 1 회 비디오 릴레이 탄산, 이태원 꿀풀, (기획_강정석) 서울, 한국

2012     · Project display Nomad, Dom/Römer station, 프랑크푸르트, 독일

2011     · ‘Hubert Sielecki Preis 2011’, Künstlerhauses, 비엔나, 오스트리아

2010     · ‘Trickfilmabend’, Roten Krebs(기획_ Renate Kordon), 린츠, 오스트리아



2018     · 팔복예술공장, 전주, 한국

2017     · 익산창작스튜디오 ICC, 익산, 한국

2010     · Asifakeil, 뮤지엄스쿼티에 21, 비엔나, 오스트리아


수상 및 지원

2021     · 서울문화재단 예술지원 시각예술부문, 서울, 한국

2011     · Hubert Sielecki Preis, Auszeichnungen, Künstlerhaus, 비엔나, 오스트리아