Bomi Ahn is a visual artist from Seoul, South Korea and studied visual art at Kunstuniversität Linz and complete her diploma program. In 2015 she took a part in Erasmus program at University Arts of London, United Kingdom, for one year. Bomi currently lives and works in Seoul, South Korea.

Bomi depicts virtual worlds where all kinds of species are mixed and live together. She draws inspiration from Sci-Fi films and novels, and technology-influenced living conditions into her painting and animation. She feels there is a realistic side of Sci-Fi films and storylines as for her they often project the human’s unconscious desire into the story.

She is also developing a game project which converts her paintings into a 3D virtual world where people can explore the virtual worlds she creates.

In 2010 Bomi was artist-in-residence with Asifakeil, located in the Musueumsquartier 21 in Vienna, Austria and during her participation, she produced the animation ‘I go ddeeeepp’. The final result of the program was presented as the exhibition ‘I go ddeeeepp’ at Asifakeil Raum, Vienna.

During her artistic career, Bomi’s works have been presented in various group exhibitions at Korea, Germany, Austria and UK. Bomi’s latest exhibition, ‘Vujade’, was held at Kunstverein Paradigma and ‘Future ecology’ was held in KHG in Linz, Austria in 2016.

She is currently an artist-in-residence with FoCA in Jeonju city, Korea.


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