Exhibition ‘Cuando las especies se reúnen’ at ACE

From 20 N0vember 2021 till 18 December 2021 I took a part in Artist in Residence(AiR) grogram at ACE pirar in Buenos Aires, Argentina by having financial and administrational support from ARKO(Korea Art Council)

I had proceed two projects in here, first, I produce many lithography prints. Second was researching a non western culture based shaman(Korean shaman, South Argentina/Chile shaman ‘Mapuche’ and Samoan shaman ‘Fa’afaffine’) as they had non binary gender perception and perceive quite diverse gender concept in common.

Many shamans in non-western area shows the very specific roles in society  as a mental problem healer for the straight people.

2021년 11월 20일 부터 12월 18일까지 아르헨티나 부에노스아이레스에 위치한 ACE Pirar에서 한국문화예술위원회의 재정적, 행정적 지원으로 워크샾 및 전시에 참여하였습니다.



KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-12-25-14-50-51 001KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-12-25-14-50-51 002KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-12-25-14-50-51 003KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-12-25-14-50-52 007 KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-12-25-14-50-51 004 KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-12-25-14-50-51 005 KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-12-25-14-50-51 006 KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-12-25-14-50-52 008 KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-12-25-14-50-52 009

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