exhibition ‘Future Ecology’



Exhibition Opening View

Kindly Invite you to ‘Future ecology’ by Bomi Ahn
Thur., 14. April 2016, 20:00
Opening collaboration: Valentin Steinsiek (Musician)
Exhibition term: 15. April -13. May 2016

Future Ecology
Smartphones, iPads, cameras, cars… are we going to become cyborgs, as our daily life depends on technical items? Technology hasn’t only changed gadgets and daily life appliances, but also the biological humans and their way of thinking and living. Are we going to lose the usual categories as woman and man, animal and human being, machine and organism or something else? The pictures of Bomi Ahn are dealing with the relations between technology and human beings and their implications for our emotional, intellectual and spiritual self-conception.

Bomi Ahn. * in Seoul, South Korea

Galerie and der Universität – Kunst im Bad
Katholische Hochschulgemeinde Linz
Mengerstrasse 23, 4040 Linz
www.kib.at.tf, www.khg-linz.at

Gallery open time
Mo. – Thur.: 09:00-16:30, Fr.: 09:00-14:00
Tel : +43(0)732/244011-73


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